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The Snohomish Watershed is the second largest watershed draining to Puget Sound, and includes the Skykomish River and Snoqualmie River which combine to form the Snohomish near the City of Monroe. The mainstem Snohomish River then flows through Snohomish Lord Hill Reach, and past French Slough Floodplain and Watershed on river right, and Marshlands Drainage District on river left, to the confluence of the Pilchuck River Watershed at the City of Snohomish. At this point the river is under Tidal Influence and becomes the Snohomish Estuary, the largest historical freshwater tidal swamp in Puget Sound, now surrounded by the City of Everett on river left, City of Lake Stevens and City of Marysville at the confluence of Quilceda Watershed. The massive watershed includes Conservation Lands in alpine areas, extensive areas of both public and private Forestry The Snohomish Watershed is called WRIA 07 in the state watershed system, and is called HUC 17110011 in federal watershed nomenclature. The watershed includes large portions of Snohomish County, and eastern King County.


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