The Big Picture

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This wiki is a tool for organizing and synthesizing information so you can find them again. Each page contains a very brief synthesis, including links and documents. Each page describes some topic, an institution in our human system or a particular place in the landscape. The purpose of the wiki is not to compose and edit authoritative web articles (check out the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound for example) but to organize existing scattered information, and to archive bits of knowledge that might otherwise be lost. Our goal is to empower you.

Anyone can add information to an old page, or create a new page. How you place and categorize your information determines how easy it is to find again, and how it integrates with the existing piles of information. Our system of page types helps keep the piles of reasonable size and sorted by type of content.

Here is a 30m presentation with Q&A describing a vision for peer-to-peer learning in restoration: