The Big Picture

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This platform is a free tool for helping us organize and synthesize knowledge. It’s an infinite shared filing cabinet. It’s an interactive map of our evolving social-ecological system. Each page contains a very brief synthesis, including links and documents. Each page describes a piece of our social-ecological system: workgroups, efforts, products, places, and topics. We use a shared strategy for mapping that system and dividing information into pages that can be organized, linked, and synthesized.

The purpose of the wiki is not to compose and edit authoritative web articles (check out the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound for example) but to organize existing scattered information, and to archive bits of knowledge that might otherwise be lost. Our goal is collective information management.

You can become an editor and contribute to this resources. Use a Platform Style Guide to make our work more coherent. This style guide revolves around a system of Page Types. These guiding principles reflect our working and evolving Theory of Knowledge.

The Platform Technical Design gives us function and resilience at a minimum cost. Platform Governance is consent-based among working partners, and we are looking for partners. Our ongoing work is documented on the Development Log. Editors consent to operating under a Social Contract.

Useful Links

Here is a 30m presentation describing our vision for peer-to-peer learning in ecosystem stewardship: