The Credit Box

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The Credit Box is a set of templates that help workgroups take credit for efforts, resources, documents. We expect workgroups won't try to take credit for places or topics or parts of the ecosystem.

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A template is a block of content that you can insert into another page by using a template code. A template code is merely the name of the template page, contained by double braces--{{. When the wiki sees the double braces, it looks for the subsequent page name in the Template namespace. For example, using the template code {{credit}} causes the wiki to replace that code with the content found on the page named template:credit.

The credit box is created by putting the following string of text at the bottom of a page:

{{credit}} ... {{end}}

The text found on the page Template:Credit is inserted instead of {{credit}}. This template uses a bunch of special text to create a nice grey bar at the bottom of the page. Anything placed between the credit and end templates is rendered inside the box. By creating a template for your workgroup, you can easily insert a workgroup logo and link in any credit box.

You can create a logo tempate for your organization by creating another template page. We recommend that you includes a logo, a link, and an acronym category. As an example, here is text to create a template for Salish Sea Restoration, located at Template:SSR

Credit code.png

By putting all these pieces together we create the following output:

So, in summary, this text:


creates the box on the right, and associates this page with the SSR category (as seen below in red, since the SSR category page does not yet exist):


In summary, here are the steps you'd take to create a logo template:

  1. Decide on a nice easy to type acronym for your organization. (From here on out we'll call this YourAcronym)
  2. Upload an image, roughly square, for your logo. Put the image in the [[category:logo]] so it is easy to find again. Give it the name YourAcronym.png (you don't have to use a PNG file, you could use something else).
  3. Create your logo tempate page by typing in Template:YourAcronym in the search box and clicking go.
  4. Choose to create that page (if you are taken to someone elses page, that means that template is already taken, so you need to come up with another acronym).
  5. When you get to the edit page, cut and paste the following text, inserting YourAcronym where approriate, and save:

Now when you insert {{YourAcrony}} in the credit box you should see your logo with a link to your workgroup page. To make it really snazy we recommend that you also create a page for your acronym and create a redirect to your workgroup page. That way you can refer to your organization using [[YourAcronym]] on any page, and it will link back to your workgroup.