Content Templates

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Content Templates are used to rapidly list page types associated with one or more Categories. This is particularly useful for overview pages. For example, in the page River Delta Restoration you may want to end the page with a list of all other pages that use Category:River Delta and Category:Restoration. You can do this quickly and efficiency with Content Templates.

Product Templates

Product templates list three product subtypes in a two-column format. In each case, replace the variable with the category text.

  • {{Products1Cat| {{{1}}} }}
  • {{Products2Cat| {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} }}
  • {{Products3Cat| {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{3}}} }}

Workgroups and Effort Templates

These templates provide the workgroups and efforts associated with one or more categories, in two columns. This is typically used for places.

  • {{WorkgroupsEfforts1Cat| {{{1}}} }}
  • {{WorkgroupsEfforts2Cat| {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} }}
  • {{WorkgroupsEfforts3Cat| {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{3}}} }}

Place Page Templates

Place templates provide lists of smaller Scale places that are associated with a place category, typically a Region or Catchment. This uses the DPL feature that also searches in sub-categories of a given place, set for two-layers deep.

  • {{PlacesInRegion| {{{1}}} }} - lists catchments, landforms and sites in three columns
  • {{PlacesInCatchment| {{{1}}} }} - lists landforms and sites in two columns

Topic Page Templates

Product templates produce a single in-line list of all topic pages the include the specified categories (and two levels of sub-categories).

  • {{Topics1Cat| {{{1}}} }}
  • {{Topics2Cat| {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} }}
  • {{Topics3Cat| {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{3}}} }}

  • {{WorkgroupEffortByTopic|"place"}} - Generates a two column list of all workgroups and efforts associated with a specific category.
  • {{EffortProductOneCat|"place"}} - Generates a two column list of all workgroups and efforts associated with one category, usually a workgroup acronym.
  • {{PagesForRegion|"place"}} - Generates a three column summary of workgroups, places, and Other Pages provided with a Category.
  • {{ProductsForPlace|{{{1}}}}} - Inserts a products associated with a place name (#).
  • {{Special:PrefixIndex/{{FULLPAGENAME}}/ |hideredirects=1 |stripprefix=1 |columns=1}} - This code creates a list of sub-pages when embedded on a page.