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To organize Places we divide the Salish Sea and Surrounding Lands into regions. This "regional scale" is made of Places that cover hundreds of square miles, encompassing many Catchments and a diversity of Landforms. There is no perfect set of regions, with the strongest tensions between whether we organize places around land masses or around hydrologic or oceanic basins, how strongly to consider political boundaries versus ecological boundaries, and how we divide large landscapes without clear divisions (consider the Kitsap Peninsula as compared to Hood Canal, or Whidbey Island compared to Whidbey Basin). Sometimes regions overlap . As with all places, regions may be imprecise, and the edges are not fixed, except in the minds of specific authors. We have the option of adjusting regional definitions over time, including a region as a reference point, but not using it to categorize pages, and reallocating Catchments among regions as we learn about the most durable and meaningful definitions of place. Ultimately regions are used to categorize catchments, or to describe the interests of Workgroups or the focus of Products