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The Salish Sea Restoration Platform is a private MediaWiki installation first launched in 2011. The platform is a project of Society for Ecological Restoration, Inc. and multiple partners. The project is funded under agreements between active partners and SER, referencing a consent-based Operating Agreement. In its responsibilities under the agreement, SER hosts a coordination circle, which makes decisions and policies about the maintenance and improvement of the platform. Platform content is published under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported creative commons license such that you may reproduce and modify content, but you must attribute all derivative works to

Active Partners

Active partners contribute substantive funding and technical assistance in support of the wiki project.

  • Society for Ecological Restoration, (Represented by Bethanie Walder)
  • NOAA Restoration Center (Represented by Paul Cereghino)
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (Represented by Tish Conway-Cranos)
  • Society for Ecological Restoration NW Chapter (Represented by Eric Slaugh)

Past Partners

Moderator Team

The moderator team is a group of volunteers who are trained to attend to the daily administration of the platform. Current members of the moderator team include:

If you have a complaint, the moderator on duty is Paul Cereghino (user_talk:pcereghino)

If you would like to be involved in moderating this site please write on our talk page or send some mail

Wiki Goals

The following Goals are defined in our Operating Agreement:

  1. A COMMON POOL RESOURCE - The Wiki serves as a resource for both the SER membership and the greater restoration community that SER aims to cultivate. The Wiki is intended as a “common pool resource”, where open access and use is maintained, while ensuring that agreements, governance, monitoring, and conflict resolution mechanisms are sufficient to protect the value of that resource for all future users.
  2. BROAD PARTICIPATION - We presume that the wiki as an information exchange is strengthened as participation increases. We manage operation, improvement and promotion of the wiki to maximize the number of users, and the contributions of each user. We presume that meaningful involvement in governance should be encouraged, and accompanied by accountability and responsibility.
  3. BIOCULTURAL RESTORATION - for the purposes of The Wiki we embrace a broad concept of restoration to include the science and practice of restoring not only ecosystems, but human and cultural relationships to place, so that cultures are strengthened and revitalized along with the lands to which they are inextricably linked.
  4. BIOREGIONAL FOCUS - we anticipate that the organization and development of knowledge to support restoration will depend on a bioregional view of restoration, such that topics and landforms and the institutions involved will vary based on natural patterns of climate, geology and ecologically adapted cultures.
  5. PUBLIC ACCESS - We do not restrict participation in the use of The Wiki based on sponsorship or affiliation with SER. Participation in The Wiki depends on adherence to a social contract, which requires specific behaviors of wiki users that may be enforced by SER and the Coordinating Circle.
  6. LIMITED CONTROL OF CONTENT - To the extent that page content is controlled, it is controlled for the purpose of maintaining the integrity and function of The Wiki as a common pool resource.
  7. EFFICIENT OPERATIONS - By using well-maintained off-the-shelf software and extensions we avoid version upgrade costs, and maximize platform stability while minimizing cost. Wherever feasible we maximize the use of well-tested, independently-maintained software or extensions which will not incur a future maintenance or operations cost.
  8. OPEN CULTURE MODEL - the content of The Wiki is managed to maximize the reuse and remixing of information to support users, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BYSA 3.01) license.
  9. OPEN SPONSORSHIP - The Wiki is anticipated to expand its function through sponsorship. A sponsor who sees the value of The Wiki may contribute resources to expand functions, and sustain operations. Expansion will be balanced with efficiency, and expansion decisions are in the domain of the Coordinating Circle described in section 6.
  10. CONSISTENCY WITH SER MISSION - The wiki will remain consistent with the SER mission, which is to “advance the science, practice and policy of ecological restoration to sustain biodiversity, improve resilience in a changing climate, and re-establish an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.