Create a New User Account

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Anyone is welcome to become a wiki editor if they are willing to adhere to our Social Contract and work towards our Style Guide.

  1. Go to our Create New User Account Page, OR
  2. Ask someone on the moderator team for an e-mail invitation.

You will be required to provide 1) a user name, 2) a password, and 3) an email. Once you signup you will need to confirm your email, and have your account approved by a moderator.

The Salish Sea Restoration Platform does not support anonymity. Each user is expected to disclose their identity. All edits and uploads are tracked as part of the wiki record, such that accountability to our social contract is maintained through transparency. We are very glad you are willing to join our community. We encourage the use of private email accounts, because we hope you will participate as a member of our community of practice. It also you don't have to remember to update your account if you change employers!