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combined map of Canadian Districts and US Counties

Local Governments are a tessellated and overlapping collection of local institutions that provide the most local elected representation of a local population. They are delegated powers by the Province (in Canada or State (in the USA) that make them "general purpose governments", broadly wielding powers of the state to be more nimble in meeting the needs of local communities. These include what in the US are called cities and counties, and what Canada calls Regional Districts and Municipalities. These general purpose governments are different than "special purpose districts" or Special Districts which provide for a narrower "special purpose" like facilitation of trade (ports), management of natural resources (conservation districts), or management of infrastructure (utility districts or flood and drainage districts). Together Counties, Districts, Cities, and Special Districts provide the most local scale of political power in the Salish Sea.

While local governments are importantly defined in the wiki asworkgroups (groups of people with a common aim), they are also places and more precisely jurisdictions within which these local workgroup have authority to levy taxes and create and enforce codes and regulations, using taxation and policing powers delegated by the state.

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