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Products are all the outputs of Workgroups and their Efforts. Not all files you might upload are products. We might decorate pages with images, icons or other graphic resources that are not stored as "Products". Products are further subdivided into Documents, Graphics and Websites. There are also several subcategories of documents and graphics. This framework can be adapted over time. Product pages either point to a site on the internet, or are associated with a file that has been uploaded onto the platform--the wiki can thereby serve as an archive for products. However we must respect copyright, and we only use the wiki as an archive if there is no other reliable location being used for storage.

Types of Products

The following types of products are stored on the platform. When uploading products we ask you to not violate our Social Contract and honor copyright protections.

Document Icon.jpg

Documents - are written products, usually in the form of a multi-page PDF document.

Graphics Icon.jpg

Graphics - include various maps, diagrams and photos

Websites Icon.jpg

Websites - are various web pages including archives, inventories, mappers that are useful in the practice of conservation.

Standard Names for Product Pages

Product page names are standardized so they are easy to find in a list, such as:

Simenstad & Cordell 2000 salmonid habitat assessment pacific northwest
Odum 1988 tidal fresh vs salt marsh ecology
Gray et al 2002 salmon river habitat restoration performance

It is useful to also create a redirect page so you can point to your product using a short citation, such as:

Simenstad & Cordell 2000
Odum 1988
Gray et al 2002

Type your short citation in search, click on the "create this page" link and save with #redirect[[fulldocumentname]]

Creating a Product Page

We recommend three steps to upload a product:

  1. Create a link - Usually products are associated with an Effort page or some relevant Place page. Use our standard naming convention (described below): [[file:Smith et al 2010 short nickname.pdf]]
  2. Follow the link to upload - save the page, and your new file link will be red, indicating no associated page. Click the link, and you will go to the upload page. Follow instructions.
  3. Add text to the description box - if you have a weak description it will be hard to find your document. Include the following elements:
    • Product Template Code: {{product}}[[category:document]]
    • Include standard categories offered at the top of your edit page
    • Provide a standard citation (such as the APA standard) in bold.
    • If your product is offsite, provide a link.
    • Provide any notes you can describing why the product is useful or relevant.

You can point to your new document page using web links. Please contact the moderator team if you have any questions.

Categories of Products

Dataset(1 P)
no subcategories
Document(2 C, 139 P, 506 F)
Design(1 P)
Presentation(33 F)
Standard(2 F)
Synthesis(1 F)
Thesis-Dissertation(1 P, 2 F)
Graphic(2 C, 1 F)
Diagram(1 F)
Image(2 C, 154 F)
Map(2 F)
Website(23 P)
no subcategories

Short Citation for Multiple Documents in a Single Year?

If the same author creates two or more documents in a single year, a short citation redirect page may need to point to more than one document (for example Beamer 2014). In this case we create a new page that begins with the template {{ambiguous citation}} and then presents the potential document pages to sort out the choices.

Link to a Google Scholar Search

Many documents are under copyright, and cannot be uploaded to the wiki. Instead you can insert a google scholar link, like so:

[ Google Scholar Search for Simenstad & Cordell 2000]

Just go to google scholar type in a competent search such as the document title, and then paste search query from the address window and add the wiki markup and some link text. The example above produces the following results:

Google Scholar Search for Simenstad & Cordell 2000

Should I upload a product to the wiki?

Uploading a product to the wiki is a good choice if there is no stable web location for the product such that it may become difficult to find in the future. You would be surprised how agency website change with old documents discarded. If the document is not part of a formal archive we should assume it will be lost.

Documents On-Wiki (uploaded)

Anthropogenic Topics

Here are pages sorted by Anthropogenic Topics:

Climate Change(31 P, 18 F)
Infrastructure(1 C, 1 P)
Land Use(4 C, 35 P, 19 F)
Socioeconomics(1 C, 3 P, 1 F)

Ecosystem Topics

Here are pages sorted by Ecosystem Topics:

Biology(4 C, 51 P, 36 F)
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