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A wiki is a collection of interlinked pages. Every page on this wiki contains one package of information, depending on its page type. We have three page types to describe our social systems--those are our Social System pages: Workgroups, Efforts, and Products. Based on our academic traditions we organize knowledge around Topics where we aim to develop deeper understanding of whole systems by analyzing specific parts or attributes. For example we might try to understand an embayment by studying the oscillation of tides, the chemistry of the mud, its use by birds, etc. The Place page type is used to describe knowledge about a discrete geography, from a neighborhood park like Grass Lakes Nature Reserve to the Hood Canal.

Obviously all these page types interact. On a wiki it is easy to create a link between pages. Instead of repeating everything there is to know about Herring on a page about Cherry Point Driftcell we separate general understanding of Herring as a species on a herring page, and details about how herring are distributed at Cherry Point might be on that page. Each page would link to the other. The goal is not to have a complete story on each page, because the only complete story is the whole ecosystem. Our primary interest is to collect and organize questions and evidence.

If you are creating a page, you need to decide on a page type. If you don't have a specific Place in mind, you are probably interested in a Social System page type. If you are describing a project you are creating an Effort page. If you are describing an organization, you are creating a Workgroup page. If you are describing a report, you are creating a Product page. If you are summarizing evidence and questions about a species or a law or a phenomena, you are likely creating a Topic page.

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