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On the wiki you can edit and format pages of text, including links, images, video, and archived documents. Pages can be categorized You can discover pages and their content by using the search bar or browsing. A wiki is essentially a large web-accessible multi-user filing cabinet. It is imperfect, but it is ours.

These instruction pages suggest how to be a wiki editor. Pages are presented from general to specific. Please remember that your work as an editor is contingent on adhering to our social contract. If you have questions not answered here, consider starting a thread on the Talk:Introduction page, which serves as our informal FAQs.

Ecosystem sites near Port Townsend with no river deltas but several large coastal inlets, a profusion of distinct beach systems in gold, intersected by embayments in dark green, with light blue floodplains fed by streams, and dark blue watersheds


Basic Page Creation and Editing

  • Building a wiki presence - a discussion of some strategies for how to start contributing to the wiki
  • Good Wiki Practices - How to create and edit pages so that the wiki works well
  • Linking - Links are easy to create and essential for good wiki function, but make sure they are stable links
  • The Credit Box - This feature lets workgroups claim credit for efforts and generate a list of all their efforts.
  • Markup tutorial - How to format pages and content within the edit window
  • Categorizing - Information about from among the categories we use to organize pages
  • Video tutorials - A few YouTube videos explaining how to use MediaWiki sites if you want to learn that way

Advanced Page Creation and Editing

Special Purpose Pages and Categories

  • Redirect pages and how they are used.
  • Special Pages include all the utilities that let you peer under the hood of the wiki.
  • The Raw Category is used to flag pages that are rough starts or placeholders and need work.
  • Use special:EmailUser to send an email to another user.