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I am Paul Cereghino, a restoration ecologist at NOAA Restoration Center NW co-located with ESRP in Olympia, WA. I am part of the moderator team. The focus of my work is river delta restoration, increasing ecosystem services on agricultural lands, managing federal cooperative agreements, and developing liability-based restoration opportunities through NRDA or ILF.

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Restoration Images

Here are some examples of multi-frame super high resolution images of restoration sites that are scattered in the wiki. They use a standard good quality point and shoot digital camera, and involve 4-8 images (a "multi-layer panorama") taken at a consistent exposure, combined using photomerge software, with some post image processing to improve tonal range. They do a better job of capturing a "human's eye" view of whole sites, at higher resolution and with less distortion than a wide angle lens. I am coming to the conclusion that a few nice pictures are better than a lot of bad ones for good storytelling. Final images are 20-60 MEG uncompressed, and suitable for large format high quality prints.

Temporary Files