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Catchments are one of five categories that describe the size of places; smaller than Regions, but containing multiple Landforms. These places are generally at the scale of tens of square miles, and encompass whole watersheds. There is tremendous pressure to lump of split catchments, and how we do so is a matter of preference. Water flow typically defines a catchment. They may be home to several distinct populations of Salmon. The intensity of Land Use and Infrastructure can very widely, with some catchments dominated by Conservation Lands and Forestry, with others largely Urban with no continuous forest cover, and modified Hydrology. Catchments are typically named after the major river system. Large catchments like the Snohomish may have major tributaries like the Skykomish also described as "catchment-scale places". Catchment pages often describe the conditions of the whole catchment, point to watershed-scale Plannning Efforts, identify the jurisdiction of Counties and Municipalities and introduce other Workgroups.

Catchments by Region

Admiralty Inlet

East Sound

Fraser Lowlands

Hood Canal

Juan de Fuca

San Juan Islands

South Puget Sound

South Vancouver Island

Sunshine Coast

West Sound

Whidbey Basin