Skokomish River

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Skokomish Basin showing 6 sub-basins (HUC12), image credit:NOAA Restoration Center

The Skokomish River system is the 9th largest of 16 major rivers entering into the Puget Sound Basin. includes the South Fork Skokomish River where extensive forest harvest and resulted in large sediment inputs, which flows into the Upper Skokomish Floodplain where it is joined by the Vance Creek Watershed. The North Fork Skokomish River has been controlled and diverted by the Cushman Dam since the 1920s flows into the floodplain over an alluvial fan. After the north fork confluence, the channel becomes more stable in the Lower Skokomish Floodplain, where it is joined by Purdy Creek before flowing into the Skokomish Delta and Anna's Bay at the crook of Hood Canal. The watershed lies within Mason County with tracts of wetlands around the delta within the Skokomish Indian Nation reservation.

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