Lopez Island

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Lopez Island is in the southern San Juan Archapelego, in the San Juan Islands sub-basin


  • Lopez has a strong agricultural land base, and the least focus on tourism of the three main islands.


  • Lopez island is surrounded by 20 drift cells (PSNERP; SPU 7084-7103). Only four beaches have substantial levels of armoring where greater than 40% of bluff backed beach have some indicator of sediment supply degradation. Three of these beach systems are associated with the East shore of Fisherman's Bay. These units once contained 20 embayment shoreforms, four on the southern shores of the island have been lost. Five of those remaining are associated with Fisherman's Bay.
  • The southern part of the island is armored with rocky headlands facing the open swells of the Strait of Juan de Fuca


  • Map of Lopez showing forage fish, eagle nest, and seal haul out data (PHS, 2011) on SSHIAP sub-basins and PSNERP drift cells, on an aerial photo and hillshade base.
  • File:Lopez waterflow.pdf showing water flow pathways and catchment boundaries derived from high resolution LIDAR topography.