Little Skookum Ecosystem

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Little Skookum Map.jpg

The Little Skookum Ecosytem is a small rain-fed catchment and coastal embayment located in western South Puget Sound, and could be part of the greater Totten Inlet Ecosystem including Oyster Bay and Kennedy Creek to the South. The watershed is the center of the Squaxin Island Tribe, once the territory of the T'Peeksin Band. Highway 101 crosses the mouth of Skookum Creek midway between City of Olympia and City of Shelton. Highway 108 runs up the valley crossing over the low divide into Wildcat Creek, in the Cloquallum Creek Watershed in the Chehalis River Basin. To the north is the Mill Creek Watershed in the Hammersley Inlet Ecosystem, The watershed has extensive Shellfish Aquaculture activities in the shallow Skookum Inlet, as well as both large and small private Forestry holdings. The watershed has a low human population density and includes a well-studied Cutthroat Trout population. Approximately 500 people live in the watershed, and the watershed is on a state highway between McCleary and the tribal center of the Squaxin Island Tribe.