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A wiki page may have no other purpose than to take you to another page. If you follow a link to a page with a redirect, you won't stop there, but will get passed to another page. The page text of a redirect page looks like this:


Here are the reasons we use redirect pages:

  • If you move a page, the old page name is kept, and traffic is redirected. This way deleting a page doesn't result in broken links.
  • If you merge two pages, the unused page name can redirect to the final page name.
  • If you create an abbreviated page name, as with a document citation. For example the link [[Breslow 2001]] redirects to [[File:Breslow 2001 farmer perception of salmon recovery.pdf]].
  • If you want similar words to go to the same page (page names are case sensitive!). For example River delta, River Delta, delta, deltas, Deltas and river deltas all point to [[:category:river delta]].