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Creating a new page is easy. The trick is picking the right formatting and categories so you and others can find it again. Here are the critical steps.

  1. Decide on a Page Type - one type of information per page please.
  2. Create a Link to your page in an appropriate location, and follow it to create your page.
  3. Assign a page type by inserting a template code at the top of your new page
  4. Add categories to improve visibility of your page.

Pick a Page Type before you Type

The first step is figuring out what kind of page you are creating. A page should only have one type of information. There are five page types:

Workgroup Icon.jpg Effort Icon.jpg Product Icon.jpg Place Icon.jpg Topic Icon.jpg

Creating a link

You create a link in the page edit window by typing the page name surrounded by double brackets, like this: [[PageName]]. A new link will be red. If you follow a red link, you will get the option to create the page. By creating the link first, you know your page is more likely to be found. A master topic page is a good place to put a new topic page link.

You might also type a page name into the search box and press 'go'. If you have an original name, you will be told that your page doesn't exist and you can create it. Page names are case sensitive. Look at how other page names within a category are written.

Edit a New Page

Once you are staring at the edit window, you'll see some instructions. They are telling you to pick a page template by typing a code at the top of text, such as {{workgroup}}. You will also get some suggestions of categories. You can see ALL the categories in use by looking at the Categories page. Read more about good wiki practice or learn more about formatting.


  • Make sure you have edit privileges. If you can't see the edit tab, you don't have edit privileges. Contact a moderator.
  • Be careful about syntax. For example to make a link you need two brackets on each side... no exceptions. Click on the advanced menu on the edit window, and you can play with creating wiki markup.
  • Look at the code in someone elses page to see how they achieve effects using wiki markup.