Sno-Stilly Riparian Zone Management Strategy

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Snohomish riparian zone management pilot.png
Efforts linked to Snohomish Coordinated Investment
This effort integrates several projects to develop a more comprehensive riparian zone management strategy in the Snohomish-Stillaguamish LIO, that integrates Salmon Recovery and TMDL implementation. A narrative effort will summarize existing ecosystem recovery strategies. A spatial analysis will evaluate a broadly defined riparian zone, differentiate between floodplain and tributary units, and then target interventions at a parcel level. This work will develop priorities for the National Estuary Programs riparian easement program, and aims to integrate farmland protection work to increase Snohomish Agricultural Resilience.


  • Snohomish CD has secured NEP funding for a planning phase.
  • The County and NOAA have pledged technical assistance support.
  • The project team has had two meetings to define scales of analysis, data sources, and roles.
  • We have completed a draft spatial analysis, that is currently under technical review
  • We are aiming for a public discussion of riparian zone strategy refinement at a November riparian workgroup.


Reference Materials

Stillaguamish River strategies build on Recovery planning and TMDL temperature analysis.

Snohomish River work builds on Salmon Recovery Planning, Pilchuck River Watershed assessments, French Creek Watershed analyses, and the impending Temperature and Fecal Coliform TMDL.

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