Stillaguamish Valley Protection Initiative

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This effort is linked to Coordinated Investment pilot work

Snohomish Sustainable Lands Strategy partners are working to develop a program to reduce development pressure in the Lower Stillaguamish Floodplain for the benefit of both ecosystem recovery and agriculture. Aspects of this work are related to the Snohomish Riparian Zone Management Strategy, Snohomish Farmland Protection Strategy, and more generally Snohomish Agricultural Resilience work. This effort is still conceptual, and will be looking at both existing and potential new sources of revenue. It will likely be a component of the Lower Stillaguamish Floodplain reach scale plan.


  • Initial meetings are working to develop a working lands protection concept that works for both agriculture and ecosystem recovery.
  • A team is working to develop a model easement instrument that supports the concept.
  • The Forterra and PCC Farmland Trust team has submitted 6 applications to the ACEP program to protect approximately 600 acres of farmland.

Conceptual Documents

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Part of this effort is in developing easement language that protects resource land values, including farm, forestry and habitat, while supporting negotiated local sovereignty over private land use decisions, and resulting in ecosystem improvement over time.