Snohomish Agricultural Resilience

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This page is being used to store information about a network of activities among the Snohomish Conservation District, Snohomish County, and other partners related to the increasing the agricultural landbase and infrastructure in Snohomish County while increasing ecosystem services on agricultural lands. It also references other documents of interest. This is larger in scope than the series of efforts of more limited scope being pursued by Snohomish Conservation District (SCD) as the "Snohomish Agriculture Resilience Plan"

Interest Groups

  • Snohomish Sustainable Lands Strategy is a core mechanism created in 2010 where an executive committee representing tribal, federal, state, local governments and environmental and agricultural interests develop strategies for achieving both agricultural and conservation goals.
  • Snohomish Agricultural Advisory Board is part of the Snohomish County executives office, with representatives from different agricultural sectors (dairy, grazing, cropping, equestrian, etc.)
  • The Snohomish Conservation District is lead by a five person board, three elected and two appointed by the WCC
  • Snohomish Farm Bureau is a chapter of the Washington State Farm Bureau

The Agricultural Agenda

A number of processes have resulted in development of an agenda for agricultural sustainability.

  • The Focus on Farming conference. has provided a forum for discussion
  • Snohomish County has an agricultural coordinator within the Executives office, that has lead development of a series of reports:
    • Snohomish County 2005 defines a framework for agricultural sustainability.
    • SAEDAT 2007 is the report of the Snohomish Agricultural Economic Development Action Team and identifies a set of goals.
    • The Snohomish Agriculture Sustainability Project defined a set of short term objectives (need document).

Farmland Protection

Protecting farmland base and been a recurring tenet of agricultural resilience.

Agricultural Resilience


Partners and Roles