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The Snohomish Watershed is the second largest watershed draining to Puget Sound, and includes the Skykomish and Snoqualmie rivers which combine to form the Snohomish near the City of Monroe, which flows through the Snohomish Delta near the City of Everett. The Snohomish Watershed is called WRIA 07 in the state watershed system, and is called HUC 17110011 in federal watershed nomenclature. The watershed includes large portions of Snohomish County, and eastern King County.

The Snohomish and Lower Snoqualmie river floodplains are very low gradient due to glacial scouring, and are continuing to fill with alluvium. By contrast, the Lower Skykomish, Tolt, and Pilchuck river floodplains have a contrasting river valley landform, with a steeper gradient, and the river working through accumulated alluvium (Collins & Montgomery 2011).

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