The Marshlands

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Marshlands is an area of the Lower Snohomish Floodplain on river left, downstream of Thomas' Eddy, and across the river from the French Creek Watershed, and Diking District 13.


  • PSNERP completed a feasibility study for hydrologic reconnection at the downstream end of Marshlands.
  • Drainage pump stations to maintain agricultural use largely prevent fish access. Ditches and pumps are maintained as part of an Agricultural Drainage system. The largest pump station is at the downstream end of the system.
  • A number of small lowland creeks drain through Marshlands, all originating in the developed uplands of the King County/Snohomish County border suburbs.
  • The drainage district has received payments from Snohomish County Surface Water Management due to the discharge of parts of Snohomish County stormwater system to the district.
  • The Nature Conservancy completed a preliminary assessment of how sea level rise may affect drainage.
  • The system has subsided since levee construction and agricultural development, with the river now perched higher above the floodplain than historically.
  • Large areas of the site were historically tidal fresh surge plain (Simenstad et al 2011), one of the largest tidal swamps in Puget Sound.
  • The Marshlands has a small contributing watershed in Southwest Snohomish County.