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Coordinated Investment is an effort to increase feedback mechanisms between integrated local teams, working on large scale efforts that integrate farm, fish, flood, and water supply issues, and the diverse regional agency programs that create their operating environment, for the purpose of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ecosystem management.

The Snohomish Coordinated Investment Network page describes a range of activities and actors that was evaluated as part of pilot work, leading to the pilot improvement projects listed below.


Seasonal status reports are e-mailed to coordinated investment partners:

The following wiki pages describe coordinated investment efforts:

The following pages describe topics being pursued by coordinated investment efforts:

STEP 3 - Improvement Project Implementation

STEP 2 - Snohomish Coordinated Investment Network Development 2016

Following a series of interviews with agency programs and local partners a next phase of work aims to implement coordination efforts that maximize the effectiveness of local teams.

  1. File:Coordinated Investment 2016 agency homework.pdf - an agency by agency rendition of the proposed work plan in the draft proposal below.
  2. File:Coordinated Investment 2016 draft snohomish proposal.pdf - a four page refinement of the framework, with a proposal for development of coordination infrastructure, and an initial work plan.
  3. File:Cereghino 2015 coordinated investment snohomish framework.pdf - a continuously revised framework describing eight coordination initiatives anticipated to improve our ability to increase the four most valued ecosystem services.
  4. File:Cereghino 2015 Snohomish overview map.pdf - a map describing potential focus areas in the lower snohomish landscape.

STEP 1 - Concept Development 2014-15

The following documents were developed between late 2014 and late 2015, and represent a range of conversations about "what does better state-federal coordination look like?". This led to the exploration of a Snohomish County pilot.

  1. File:Cereghino 2015 coordinated investment concept.pdf provides a series of power point slides used to facilitate a discussion of how we achieve coordinated ecosystem recovery in places.
  2. File:Cereghino 2015 grant administrative streamlining.docx describes a scope of work for integrating state grant applications as a foundation for regional integrated grant applications. Some of these ideas are being integrated into the Water and Salmon Grant Program Coordination.
  3. File:Cereghino 2015 coordinated investment vision.pdf is a four page document that defines some of the problems facing ecosystem recovery and some ideas on how to organize effort.
  4. An Initial response to the vision document was provided by NWIFC staff in File:NWIFC 2015 DRAFT coordinated investment recommendations.pdf
  5. File:Cereghino et al 2015 coordinated investment framework.pdf is a simplification of the vision document to rally clarity, and suggests eight concepts that could structure inter-agency coordination with empowered local workgroups.
  6. File:Cereghino 2015 coordinated investment one page.pdf provides a one page synthesis of the coordinated investment vision and project as of June 2015, and indicates a focus on testing the concepts in the Lower Snohomish basin.