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NOAA Restoration Center has approximately 9 staff in the Puget Sound area working under the Community-based Restoration Program (CRP), and the Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Program (DARRP).

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Regional Cooperative Agreements

The Restoration Center operates in part through cooperative agreements, which support project implementation and development of more effective and efficient restoration systems.

Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program Agreement

This agreement with WDFW led to development of the ESRP program, including its learning project work. It pioneered the combination of multiple state and federal funding sources into RCO contracts to reduce administrative costs. The following efforts were supported:

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Puget Sound Partnership Agreement

This agreement pioneered a process of using existing regional salmon recovery project development as a mechanism for distributing Restoration Center funds to reduce administrative costs while advancing hydrologic reconnection projects with multiple benefits in target watersheds. The following efforts were supported:

The Nature Conservancy Agreement

This agreement advanced projects and the technical basis for large-scale multiple-benefit floodplain reconnection work following the Floodplains by Design initiative in Puget Sound.

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Coordinated Investment

The restoration center has been staffing Coordinated Investment planning as a continuation of administrative streamlining and multiple benefit project development in Puget Sound.

Natural Resource Damage Assessment