Puget Sound Ecosystem Funding

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This diagram was developed as part of Continuous Improvement efforts to describe the network of funding programs and plans accessed by local workgroups

On this wiki, Puget Sound Ecosystem Funding is a network of federal, state and local programs, which allocate primarily state and federal tax and bond resources to a variety of Efforts. Funding is usually associated with a planning system--for example, funding for salmon is largely driven by Salmon Recovery Planning. Efforts that meet the most important needs of the right plan, and meet other criteria generally get funds. Most Federal funding systems work on an annual basis. Most State funding systems are organized on a biennial cycle driven by the Washington State Capital Budget.

One of the best ways to understand how ecological work happens in Puget Sound is to understand the mechanics of the funding system. The quantity of resources allocated to different needs describes a status quo values system measurable in dollars. Local Jurisdictions vary widely in their allocation of public resources to ecological work. Observing how local government funding is organized around ecosystem work provides a useful gauge of local effort.

Notes on The Puget Sound Funding System

Funding Programs

On the wiki, funding programs are described and analyzed using effort pages, and are organized by the origin of funds (see Strata of Government). Insiders frequently identify programs by acronym, and so the colloquial acronym is included in the page name. Common usage may be non-phonetic (for example, PSAR is commonly pronounced 'Pee-Sar'). More then one workgroup may be involved in program administration, funding varies from year to year, more than one webpage may describe the program, each program may reference or consider several planning efforts, and the precise objectives of the program may not be apparent on the website, and require evaluation of the RFP, which may change. Understanding the dynamics of this network of programs requires experience.

Federal Funding Programs

State Funding Programs

Local Funding Mechanisms

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