National Forest Foundation

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National Forest Foundation is a private entity chartered by congress to "bring people together" to protect and restore national forests and grasslands.


  • They have a board with many business executives, and a private partnerships.
  • Their 2022-24 strategic plan has the following goals.
    • We will invest more in on-the-ground projects to improve the health of our National Forests. We will accelerate and broaden our on-the-ground action to increase carbon sequestration and water replenishment and to restore more acres.
    • We will triple our impact on National Forest recreation infrastructure, expanding the capacity for more people to love the forests without negatively impacting forest health.
    • We will engage millions more Americans in personal and meaningful relationships with National Forests. Our reach will be digital, in-person and through partners. We will focus on communicating with and through a broader diversity of Americans and we will engage millions more than before to build a constituency that demands and works for healthy forests.
  • The Matching Awards Program is identified as their "flagship program" -- it appears that other programs are much more specific to target locations.