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The Skykomish Field Station is a volunteer-driven stewardship program developed by The Ecosystem Guild and sponsored by Snohomish Conservation District and NOAA Restoration Center as a prototype in developing a network of Bio-Cultural Restoration Field Stations in the Salish Sea. Stewardship groups can gather and camp on conservation lands in the Lower Skykomish Floodplain to design, install and tend riparian forests, developing a Regenerative Riverscape Agroforestry framework.


Efforts and documentation are designed within a standard Landscape-Site-Unit framework.

Lower Skykomish Floodplain Landscape

Reiner Farm Site

Units Under Stewardship

Map showing stewardship units on the Old Reiner Farm

File:Cereghino 2023 Reiner stewardship plan.pdf is a working document describing units and management strategies in the Reiner Farm Buffers. There are currently 4 units in assessment, design or under management. Cereghino & Busen 2023 provides unit assessments to support design at The Mother Garden, The Pond Forest and The Conifer Plantation.

Other Efforts of the Field Station

A field station may have other experiments and topics, and on obvious focus for Skykomish is Knotweed control:

Field Station Gallery

Each field station adds to photo documentation sheets to a working document. Events are build around an eight-season year.



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