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The purpose of the Ecosystem Guild is to establish and sustain bio-cultural restoration field stations. Field Stations are temporary camps where our Guild gathers to study and restore ecosystems and our cultural relationships to place. They typically recur at the same places over time, where incremental efforts enhance ecosystem functions, the habitability of the site, and the skills, knowledge and abilities of participants.

The Guild aspires to operate field stations through the collaboration of independent groups without financial transactions, depending on gifts, reciprocity and shared purposes on conservation lands through the Salish Sea and surrounding bioregions. Wherever possible, the functions of field stations are self-organized so that field stations and the groups that support them can operate and expand largely independently of institutions.

Through this process we may develop an interconnected network of field stations across Puget Sound periodically opening and closing, matching the needs and opportunities of the land. By moving between these sites, anyone can participate in bio-cultural restoration and develop their skills, knowledge and abilities, while restoring biodiversity and hydrology and living a resource-efficient lifestyle.

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Places We've Worked

The Ecosystem Guild organizes around a watershed-scale vision of communities living as stewards of water, biomass and diversity. These pages describe places in the landscape that the guild studies, protects, and restores.

Workgroups and Efforts

These pages describe the activities of the Guild

Topics and Standards

These pages describe topics of particular interest to the guild where we contribute to shared knowledge