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Marshall Middle School with support from The Ecosystem Guild is developing the capability to produce native plant stock to support volunteer restoration of the Green Cove Creek watershed. Marshall is central to the watershed and together with neighboring Hansen Elementary, may represent as much as 25% of the households in the watershed. The Nursery is located on the 36-acre publicly Marshall-Hansen Campus. Located near the crest of a small ridge in the center of the watershed, and a 10 minute walk from Grass Lakes Nature Reserve.


schematic describing workflow and components of a nursery system

Classroom Materials

  • Nurserygoals.pngFile:Nursery goals and objectives.pdf - introduce goals of nursery. test for understanding. Offer objectives. Students individually connect objectives by arrows. Bring to group. Discuss differences. Compare to proposed schematic.
  • Bedprep.pngFile:Bed prep initial.pdf - diagram showing idea propagation bed preparation for site with damaged soils (using double digging).