Grass Lakes Nature Reserve

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Grass Lakes Nature Reserve is a City of Olympia park property at the headwaters of Green Cove Creek.


North Woods Patch

This is a patch of Douglas Fir forest north of the Kaiser Entrance Lawn.

  • Vegetation Inventory 8/31/19 - this only includes upland species within the douglas-fir stand, and not including the meadow or wetland ecotone. It was completed in approximately 30 minutes and may have missed a few species, but likely includes all common species.

Wangari Maathai Grove

Casually named by members of the Olympia Green Party, this this 2.8 acre restoration is the first large scale reforestation site located at the Kaiser Road entrance. City of Olympia Environmental Services has been doing design. It is a Blackberry Conversion project. Additional conifer planting in Fall 2019.

boundary and canopy cover in baby forest

Yogurt Farm

Identified cryptically in the Master Plan, this restoration site has a road-side pullout and gate. Initial planting work has been started in Reed Canarygrass wetland buffers. It is next door to a goat herder.

Yogurt Farm Swale

Planted in Fall 2019

North Entrance

This area of the Reserve was identified in the master plan as the main entrance, and is the closest point of potential entry from the Marshall-Hansen Campus. It includes blackberry seep wetlands that receive runoff from that campus through roadside ditches.