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How do we organize evolving scientific evidence to support the protection of public trust resources?

This cross agency collaboration aimed to rapidly summarize available evidence on narrow topics to support regulatory decision-making, particularly the quantification of ecosystem services. The effort was initiated as part of continuous process improvement to support Puget Sound Nearshore Habitat Conservation Calculator, which uses Habitat Equivalency Analysis to quantify impacts to Puget Sound Chinook Salmon in Beaches and Embayments.



  • 2022 Mar - The project team is currently consulted with regulatory teams to identify an initial science sprint topic.
  • 2022 Jun - Selected Beach Nourishment for Mitigation as topic, developed draft working methods, assembled technical review team, set up contracts, located and interviewed informants, developed evidence review.
  • 2022 Oct - Presented initial work to PSEMP Nearshore Workgroup
  • 2022 Nov - Offered initial workshop of sprint methods, and soliciting topics for 2023.
  • 2023 Feb - Final draft of beach nourishment findings in review, selection of Non-natal Salmonid Habitat Use as second sprint topic.
  • 2023 Mar - Finalization of SER wiki operating agreement, Release of beach nourishment final report
  • 2023 Oct - Completion of grant requirements, with intent to promote the methods proposal.

Supporting and Related Materials and Topics

The Science Sprint Team

  • Paul Cereghino, NOAA Restoration Center
  • Max Lambert, WDFW Habitat Science
  • Josh Chamberlin, NW Fisheries Science Center
  • Stephanie Ehinger, NMFS West Coast Region Protected Resources