River Delta Adaptive Management Strategy/Peer Review Request - June 2013

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shoreline complexity through erosion
new marsh with pan near Red Salmon Slough
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What is This Strategy?

This strategy defines an approach for investing in learning associated with Puget Sound delta restoration. We recognize that restoration projects provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn how better to restore river delta ecosystems, but we have limited resources to do so. We have found no existing strategy for learning that meets our program need, which is to improve restoration practice. This set of dynamic web pages describes a way for ESRP and its partners to implement adaptive management for the restoration of Puget Sound river deltas, using existing funds, resources, and networks. We consider this an obligatory step, as we invest public trust resources in river delta restoration.

What Would We Like You to Review?

Please review the main page for an overview of the strategy. We are requesting your review of the numbered sub-pages (from 1. Executive Summary to 5. Core Monitoring Strategy) that present our framework and approach. Topic pages are identified by are under development. Please consider the following questions in your review:

  1. Does the strategy completely address the 'learning-by-doing challenge' faced by river delta restoration? Where do you see weaknesses?
  2. Are there any significant areas of uncertainty that are not appropriately considered by this framework and approach?
  3. Would your organization support this approach to funding learning projects and monitoring? What would allow you to support this effort?

How Should You Provide Comments?

To participate in this peer review you need an editor account on this wiki. Please contact Paul Cereghino (user_talk:pcereghino) if you have any difficulties. Please use the wiki's discussion features to provide comments on each section. If you would rather provide general comments, please use the main page. Please integrate your comments with other comments already present, and feel free to provide a polite reaction to the comments of others. This is what a wiki is for--dynamic real time synthesis of ideas among a community.

Please provide comments by July 30, 2013

Next Steps

We anticipate the following sequence of development, as resources allow:

  • Summer 2013 - peer review of draft strategy, and development of topic pages to summarize critical dynamics.
  • Summer 2013 - Beta test draft strategy by integrating into ESRP contracting for FY13-15
  • Fall 2013 - integrate peer review, and document support for the strategy from among our technical community of practice.
  • Fall 2013-Fall 2014 - Refine and synthesize existing evidence concerning high uncertainty topics, including review and synthesis of existing ESRP projects and monitoring efforts.
  • Winter 2013 - Seek additional partners for shared investment in learning projects
  • Fall 2014 - Issue first RFP based on the strategy for state FY15-17

Feel free to browse the raw material in the associated topic pages, but they are not fully developed. We are actively seeking individuals to help develop those pages if you are interested.