Discussion and Watching

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Every page has a discussion tab, where you can record comments about the content of the page. This is where you congratulate, comment, suggest, confirm, or refute. If the link to the discussion page is red, it means there are no comments, but by following the red link you can create a discussion page.

By clicking on the watch tab, you can add a page to your watch list. If a page on your watchlist is edited you will receive an in-wiki, or even an e-mail notification as determined by your preferences. Watching is how you track contributions or changes to pages of interest.

Watch this page to get notifications

We publish notices about the wiki on the discussion page of our welcome page at talk:Welcome to Salish Sea Restoration.

Using Discussion Pages

Behind every page is a discussion page (or talk page). The discussion page is where you make your ideas known without directly editing page content. You may also provide comment concurrent with an edit to explain your reasoning.

Please use the [new topic] and [reply] links, and provide a subject line for new topics to position your comments into existing threads and provide a subject line for your comments. Be aware of our social contract and its definition of polite behavior.