River Delta Adaptive Management Strategy/Development Notes

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Strategy Development Notes

ESRP hosted two workshops to bring together practitioners and scientists involved in delta restoration monitoring across multiple Puget Sound river deltas.

Scoping Workshop - December 2010

This workshop focused on identifying major sources of uncertainty, barriers to restoration, and the story lines that compel us to restore river deltas.

  • Introductory presentation on the management context in which we are attempting to develop an adaptive management system.
  • Raw data manipulation of delta workshop outputs.
  • Synthesis of brainstorming workshop outputs into a narrative of what we are doing in river deltas

Refining Workshop - April 2012

At this workshop we critiqued and organized potential learning objectives, considered a basic monitoring framework for all actions, and considered an approach for tracking delta spatial attributes.

Community Review - May 2013

We are currently deploying a draft strategy for community review