River Delta Adaptive Management Strategy

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The Delta Adaptive Management Strategy is an inter-agency adaptive management effort to support river delta restoration, using existing project implementation and monitoring resources.
shoreline complexity through erosion
new marsh with pan near Red Salmon Slough
Carex recruiting to mud flat near qwuloolt

We aim to improve our ability to restore delta ecosystems by integrating project development and restoration design with targeted investigations in delta restoration ecology. These investigations are focused on areas of uncertainty that are most likely to impact the effectiveness and efficiency of public investment in restoration. This wiki format is intended to increase transparency and improve communication within our community of practice. Wiki editors are very welcome to revise and improve topic pages, introduce additional sources of evidence, and refine our assumptions and predictions.

This is a collaborative effort between the WDFW ESRP program and the NOAA Restoration Center NW. All pages associated with this strategy bear the ESRP Delta Strategy icon, and a click will return you to this page.

To organize our adaptive management efforts we have identified six Critical Dynamics in delta ecosystems. For each of these dynamics we identify topics that we anticipate most strongly affect our ability to achieve restoration goals. Our understanding of these topics changes over time as new evidence is synthesized. The ESRP program prioritizes investigations into those topics where there are opportunities to improve restoration practice and the wiki format allows for that collaborative synthesis to support that prioritization.

These pages all contain draft entries.

Topics Describing Critical Delta Dynamics High Uncertainty Topics for Adaptive Management
Delta hydrodynamics and channels
Delta sediment dynamics and vegetation
Delta biodiversity and food webs
Delta utilization by salmon
Delta social dynamics
Delta flood and drainage

The following efforts are supported under the Delta Adaptive Management Strategy: