Country Club Road Stream Crossing at Green Cove Creek

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The Country Club Road road crossing is a small residential connector road built across the Green Cove Creek ravine 0.7 miles upstream of the Green Cove estuary. The culvert is failing, and an emergency repair has resulted in a complete fish passage barrier. Because the barrier is on a small chum stream, it is low on state priorities for repair funding.


  • County Engineer provides an overview of the emergency repair to the Thurston County Board of County Commissioners -
    • In his opening comments 10/19/21 the engineer describes this road as "an important part of our road system that provides access for over 800 vehicles each day to allow people to get to and from their homes and workplaces"
    • The culvert is described as "at the bottom of a 50' embankment" which doesn't provide the background that the ravine and stream valley was filled to create the road crossing.
    • The repair resulted in a complete fish barrier.
  • File:Cereghino 2021 country club road stream crossing.pdf describes the level of road service provided by the stream crossing--one to four minutes drive time reduction for approximately 30 households.
  • Jamie Glasgow (Wild Fish Conservancy) has completed spawner surveys documenting partial fish access prior to the county repair.
  • Glasgow and Cereghino developed a video explaining the impact of the culvert repair on fisheries -
  • It seems likely that the county is liable for damages to public and tribal trust fisheries caused by county managed road crossings.Pcereghino (talk) 16:41, 2 December 2021 (UTC)