Shoreline Management

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Shoreline ecological functions are a public trust resource under the state Shoreline Management Act and our Infrastructure, driven by Land Use regularly encroaches on these landscapes. Shorelines of the state include larger streams (discussed in Category:Aquatic Buffer) however this topic is focused on Nearshore Ecosystems, including River Deltas, Beaches, Embayments and Headlands. Shoreline management encompasses Monitoring, Regulation and Restoration with the goal of No Net Loss under state law. The modern basis for shoreline management in Puget Sound was largely established by the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project. That body of science and policy has been expanded over time under the Puget Sound Watershed Characterization Project, Beach Strategies for Nearshore Restoration and Protection in Puget Sound, and other efforts. The Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program plays a significant role in advancing management. Different Landforms are affected differently by different forms of Infrastructure and Land Use. The Impacts of Shoreline Armoring on Beaches is a prominent area of concern.

Shoreline Management Workgroups and Efforts

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