WDOE 2024 climate guidance shoreline management

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Dorhn, C., M. Blair. 2024. Interim Climate Resilience Planning Guidance for Shoreline Master Programs: A Companion to the Comprehensive Plan Climate Element Planning Guidance. Prepared by the Washington State Department of Ecology. 45pp.


  • Funded under the Climate Commitment Act to define the new "climate element" required under GMA/SMA.
  • Describes what makes a climate element consistent, suggests processes for updating SMPs, suggests planning concepts.
  • Aims to be a companion to File:WDOC 2023 climate change growth management act.pdf
  • identifies storm severity and Sea Level Rise as key issues.
  • Suggests that that climate impacts should be addressed outside of the climate section.
  • Introductory sections and diagrams do not identify low summer flow and landscape dehydration or ocean acidification as climate change effects.
  • Provides a summary of the requirements of HB 1181 (2023) which changes how GMA and SMA are implemented.


  • Does this document provide evaluative questions that help an analyst determine if climate impacts are being considered across a plan, rather than just in the climate section of a plan.