Salmon Creek Estuary Fill Removal

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This effort involves two sites where estuarine habitat was restored at the mouth of Salmon Creek through fill removal. These efforts are combined here, because of thier similar nature, and because monitoring was completed at both sites. One project removed fine wood waste fill associated with a historical mill site, near the mouth of Snow Creek in Discovery Bay, on property owned by WDFW. Work was led by NOSC with support from WDFW and NOAA Restoration Center

Aerial of Project Sites in Habitat Work Schedule



  • How are channels forming in the fill removal sites? How efficient was channel construction in restoring ecosystem services? I'd expect that the Delta tidal channel reference model could serve as a tool for evaluating channel development.
  • Are surfaces compacted following construction such that low porosity is reducing redox levels and supressing development of productive marsh vegetation?
  • Is sedimentparticles of clay, silt, sand, gravel, or cobble, transported by water, are called sediment. accretion allowing for site development?
  • Did wood waste removal remove the impacts of sulfide production?