Use of Large Wood in Shoreline Restoration

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This study will develop information to improve performance of process-based shoreline restoration designs that incorporate or naturally recruit large wood (LW) on Puget Sound beaches. This work builds upon previous design guidance developed by NSD for LW in fluvial systems. A comprehensive literature and data review will be completed to identify parameters important to LW retention and stability on Puget Sound beaches. Field data will be collected and analyzed to determine which parameters drive LW recruitment and function in the nearshore. This information will be used to develop design considerations for use of LW to facilitate recruitment in shoreline restoration projects.

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Partners and Roles


  • Literature review and project plan (Complete)
  • Develop Wiki pages (Ongoing)
  • Site Identification and Selection (In Progress)
  • Data Collection and Processing (Two data collection events to be completed; one in October 2022, another in May 2023)
  • Conduct Interim Results Analysis (February 2023-April 2023)
  • Convene technical advisory group (Two TAG meetings to be completed; one during Task 3, another following Task 5)
  • Final project report (August 2023-December 2023)
  • Final project presentation (December 2023)