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Grant administration system.jpg
The Washington State Department of Ecology and the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office in collaboration with the Governor's Office have convened a workgroup to explore and design changes that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our natural resources grant programs working on ecosystem management, improving ecological outcomes, and increasing public confidence in ecosystem work.

The group is co-chaired by Ecology and RCO under an executive Memorandum of Agreement between the two agencies. Initial work was supported by Results Washington staff, and the project us endorsed by and reports to Washington State Goals Council 3 ("Sustainable Energy and a Clean Environment").

Grant Administration Streamlining was identified as an early target for Coordinated Investment and a number of tasks described in the A3 (above) have been adopted and expanded by the Coordinated Investment as a "supporting effort".

Workgroup Materials

Related Materials

  • Blackmore 2009 summarizes interviews that explore barriers to large project implementation in Puget Sound salmon recovery.
  • Sahandy & Daily 2014 uses interviews to explore barriers to efficient local watershed coordination that could be solved by grant programs.
  • Canty 2015 describes feedback to EPA about how to develop an effective program that achieves reach scale protection and restoration in the riparian zone.
  • File:Cereghino 2015 coordinated investment concept.pdf provides a series of images describing coordinated investment, including three slides with diagrams describing grant administration streamlining.
  • File:Cereghino 2015 grant administrative streamlining.docx describes an analysis of the steps necessary to develop a shared information architecture that could enable collaboration.
  • Cereghino 2009 provides a 1 page argument for grant streamlining.
  • Cereghino 2015 describes the barriers faced by 65 regional project managers working on large estuary restoration, including a critique of some dynamics in the grant system.