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Budd Inlet at Night.jpg

Like most South Puget Sound Inlets, Budd Inlet contains multiple Beaches and Embayments, and is anchored by a large estuary complex at its head. Budd Inlet is the most populated inlet in South Sound. The head of Budd Inlet is dominated by the City of Olympia which surrounds the historical Deschutes Estuary and East Bay which received flow from the Deschutes Watershed and the Indian-Moxlie Creek Watersheds respectively. The rest of the inlet shoreline is formed of five significant beach drift cells including clockwise from the NE, Gull Harbor North Drift Cell, Priest Point North Drift Cell, Mission Creek Drift Cell, East Cooper Point Drift Cell, and West Bay Drift Cell. Several smaller drift cells flow into three embayments, Ellis Cove, Gull Harbor and Butler Cove which receive a large portion of the remaining freshwater from the watershed. The Embayments and portions of the Gull Harbor and Priest Point drift cells are the least developed. Much of the remaining shoreline is either armored or extensively modified. Budd Inlet is the historical home of the Steh'chass band of the Squaxin Island Tribe.


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Budd Inlet is part of South Puget Sound