Northwest Olympia Watersheds

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Northwest Olympia is a set of neighborhoods that occupy the populated areas between the City of Olympia core, and The Evergreen State College at the base of the Cooper Point Peninsula which sits between Budd Inlet and Eld Inlet in the South Puget Sound basin. It includes five ecosystem sites each of which is a distinct landform. These include West Bay Watersheds, Schneider Creek Watershed, Crestline Coastal Watershed, Butler Cove Watershed, and Green Cove Watershed. As is common in the Salish Sea lowlands, these catchments share a flat area of groundwater recharge on the glacial plateau, between Division Street and Cooper Point road that I like to call "the swales". Because of culture, location, transportation network and hydrology, I think of these as one complex social-ecological system on the NW urbanizing edge of Olympia.

This landscape is the home of the first chapter of the Ecosystem Guild, an experimental effort to weave together stewards and custodians of the land into a coherent network of action.

Locally Active Workgroups

The following Workgroups are in some way active in this landscape