Sundberg Gravel Mine

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Google earth image showing water flow pathways in the Green Cove Creek Watershed

The Sundberg Mining Pit is an abandoned gravel mine in the City of Olympia and at the headwaters of the Butler Cove Watershed and Green Cove Watershed. The property appears to be controlled by Gerald Mahan with a development corporation and registered agent in Puyallup, Washington. The City received a complete proposal to build 181 houses on the site in February, 2019.


  • The 2019 review has been focused on two issues: the management of storm water consistent with protection of Green Cove Creek, and the potential for contamination from unregulated dumping of debris on the site.
  • 2016 article describing a 2016 proposal from the same building at the same site that was withdrawn -
  • The 2013 "no further action" determination by Ecology was based on an extensive review of underground fuel tank cleanup sites completed by a contractor for Ecology, and was unlikely to have considered other concerns or claims about the site.
  • State Mining law RCW 78.44.131 indicates "All reclamation activities shall be completed not more than two years after completion or abandonment of surface mining on each segment of the area for which a reclamation permit is in force." It is unclear that reclamation has occurred at this site.
  • At a community meeting on 3/1/19 the lawyer for the developer stated that he would recommend to the owner that he submit to a toxics investigation, if it met their criteria and was paid for by neighbors.
  • Several neighbors claim that over the last several generations truckloads of toxic materials were dumped and buried in the glacial swales on the site.


interpolation of existing pit data shows extent and depth of waste on site.
Sundberg pits.jpg