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A December 7, 2022 Update proposes a network of activities to transform stewardship of public trust landscapes. The first three ingredients involve Groups, gathering at Biocultural Restoration Field Stations developing a new field station infrastructure. The following components make an initial infrastructure:

  • Trailer Frames - a basic low weight trailer frame underlying units to be hauled by a small SUV (<1000 lbs?).
    • After conversation with Zeigler's Welding I learned that liability for vehicles is high, and they are unable to fabricate, because the product must be certified. They can modify existing systems, so after obtaining and assembling a trailer kit, and upgrading the axle.
    • is 4x8 chassis freeway ready (60MPH)
  • Portable Biogas Digestor Toilets - HomeBiogas is the first company I am aware of that offers the components for a mobile organic waste recycling system.
  • Group Shelters - Some large well-ventilated, easy to assemble and portable. Billboard vinyl, recycled or otherwise, may provide a useful building material. The Altruist Relief Kitchen has developed the best systems I am aware of.
  • Mobile Bathhouse - mobile sauna and "o furo" type technology should work well for bathing and warming with minimum water use, and simple systems are not available.
  • Mobile Kitchen and Toolshed - Augmented by biogas, a high draft wood fired kitchen could be integrated with hot water. I would propose a single trailer, that serves as the core of a rapid tent structure could serve as both kitchen, water supply, and toolshop. A toolshed provides the ability for simple wood and metal repair and fabrication in the field, combined with a set of restoration tools.