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In the 2006 construction season the project removed 5,500 Lin-Ft of existing levee on the left bank of the Puyallup River between river mile 21.3 and 22.3 and constructed a new 5,200 Lin-Ft setback levee structure reinforced with LWD. The maximum width of the river corridor increased from the pre-existing condition of 250 feet to its present condition of 1,150 feet. The project opened up and re-connected the Puyallup River channel to 53 acres of floodplain. The setback levee now allows for more natural channel migration and floodplain natural function and process. A smaller segment of side channel within the floodplain corridor area at the upstream end of the project was excavated, which allows river flow into the opened-up floodplain area more quickly.

The project directly addressed two key limiting factors by allowing more natural channel and floodplain function and processes. Off-channel rearing and refugia habitat were created, and spawning habitat is improving in the channel because meandering will reduce grade, slow water velocities, and create more suitable substrates.