Bulkhead Removal Feasibility for Localized Restoration

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Edgewater bulkhead.jpg

This project will determine how ESRP should prioritize proposals for bulkhead removal on beaches for the local recovery of beach resources (as opposed to sediment supply restoration). It will use the Edgewater Beach Bulkhead Removal and leverage data and expertise from the Impacts of Shoreline Armoring effort.

SPSSEG proposes to monitor changes in diverse ecological and geomorphological parameters following nearshore restoration at a capital project site on the west side of Eld Inlet, Olympia, WA (Figure 1). Restoration includes removing ~800 feet of beach armoring from the toe of an historic feeder bluff. This monitoring work will build on ESRP funded pre-restoration data already collected for parameters that draw on knowledge gained from a larger suite of studies conducted in Puget Sound. These data will provide valuable, and rare, concrete information about what parameters change after this kind of restoration, thus contributing to site-specific as well as basin-wide learning.


  • This project is a proposal under review by the ESRP Learning Program. Please feel free to provide your thoughts, questions or concerns.
  • This work is building off of investigations completed by the Impacts of Shoreline Armoring effort--Dethier is a collaborator on this proposal.