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This Venn diagram suggests how pages can be tagged by multiple overlapping categories depending on the information they contain.

Each page can be tagged with multiple categories so they are easier to find. Each category has its own page that shows all pages within that category. You can search by one or more categories. A full list of official categories is provided below.

How do I categorize a page?

To assign a category to a page add [[category:name]], to the page text (usually at the top of the page). For all our standard page types, we have templates that you include at the top of the page to invoke page formatting which also results in automatic categorization. For example, if you put the text, {{deltasite}} the page will be categorized as [[category:river delta]] and [[category:site]], and will receive the same formatting as all other delta site pages.

The following table appears at the top of every edit page and reminds you of the categories in common use:

Page Type Codes Site and Place Categories Topic Sub-categories Effort/File Sub-categories Workgroup Sub-categories
Human System Pages

Ecosystem Site Pages
[[category:river delta]]
[[category:delta hydrodynamics and channels]]
[[category:delta sediment dynamics and vegetation]]
[[category:delta biodiversity and food webs]]
[[category:delta utilization by salmon]]
[[category:delta flood and drainage]]
[[category:delta social dynamics]]
[[category:beach forage fish spawning]]
[[category:beach food webs and biodiversity]]
[[category:beach sediment dynamics]]
[[category:beach shellfish production]]
[[category:beach social dynamics]]
Each major river system has a category
[[category:snohomish]] for example
[[category:forage fish]]
[[category:climate change]]
[[category:physical science]]
[[category:sediment dynamics]]
[[category:social science]]
[[category:ecosystem service]]

Go to river deltas to see 6 river delta sub-categories


[[category:adaptive management]]


[[category:ecosystem map]]



category=river delta

What categories should I use?

You can create your own category, but be careful. The purpose of categories is not to divide the wiki into smaller and smaller components, but to tie your work to a broad area of shared work. If you have big ideas about topic categories please check in with a moderator, and volunteer. We get together and talk about categories and would love to have your help. In general, you should use categories to answer big questions about the page content.

WHAT SUBJECT is described?

For this question use topic categories. The following topic categories are in use. A set of core topic categories has been developed specific to delta sites:

Topic(7 C, 245 P)
Biology(5 C, 51 P, 36 F)
Eelgrass(2 P, 5 F)
Flora(8 P, 4 F)
Salmon(1 C, 76 P, 84 F)
Vegetation(3 C, 46 P, 35 F)
Chemistry(1 C, 3 P, 1 F)
Toxics(20 P, 5 F)
Climate change(1 C, 31 P, 18 F)
Development(2 C, 56 P, 35 F)
Agriculture(50 P, 48 F)
Toxics(20 P, 5 F)
Physical science(4 C, 36 P, 4 F)
Hydrodynamics(15 P)
Hydrology(6 P)
Sediment dynamics(1 C, 25 P, 2 F)
Social science(3 C, 23 P, 27 F)
Beach social dynamics(2 P, 1 F)
Delta social dynamics(3 P, 2 F)
Ecosystem services(5 P, 4 F)
Water(1 C, 33 P, 14 F)
Hydrology(6 P)

WHAT ACTIVITY is described?

We have a set of effort categories to differentiate between protection, restoration, planning or other broad activity types:

Effort(6 C, 245 P, 4 F)
no subcategories
Education(3 P)
no subcategories
Planning(76 P, 135 F)
no subcategories
Protection(32 P, 27 F)
no subcategories
Research(1 C, 45 P, 28 F)
Monitoring(31 P, 49 F)
Restoration(138 P, 144 F)
no subcategories

WHAT KIND OF FILE is uploaded?

We have a set of categories to define files other than documents:

Document(3 C, 136 P, 503 F)
Ecosystem map(52 F)
no subcategories
Image(2 C, 154 F)
Ecosystem map(52 F)
Logo(43 F)
Presentation(33 F)
no subcategories

WHAT KIND OF PLACE is described?

You would use categories related to our ecosystem model. Pages about beaches or floodplains would use the appropriate category. We have a set of place subcategories to flag the major river basins of Puget Sound. Here are the ecosystem categories in use:

Ecosystems(8 C)
Beach(4 C, 84 P, 62 F)
Embayment(71 P, 44 F)
no subcategories
Floodplain(78 P, 81 F)
no subcategories
Headland(2 P, 1 F)
no subcategories
Headwater(6 P, 4 F)
no subcategories
Place(2 C, 160 P, 4 F)
Elwha(2 P, 3 F)
Nooksack(19 P, 10 F)
River delta(3 C, 151 P, 154 F)
Watershed(77 P, 30 F)
no subcategories

WHO is involved?

While you might use an acronym category as part of The Credit Box to point ot a specific responsible party, we have a set of workgroup categories to indicate the sector of society involved. The following categories are primarily applied to workgroup pages, but could be used elsewhere:

Workgroup(10 C, 216 P)
Academic(13 P)
no subcategories
Acronym(12 C)
EPA(21 P, 1 F)
ESRP(58 P, 5 F)
MCD(2 P)
NOAA(62 P, 4 F)
PSNERP(1 P, 4 F)
RCO(33 P, 1 F)
SnoCo(16 P, 1 F)
USGS(7 P, 1 F)
WC(3 P)
WDFW(25 P, 2 F)
WLT(2 P)
Coordinating(47 P, 3 F)
no subcategories
District(10 P, 3 F)
no subcategories
Federal(49 P, 7 F)
no subcategories
Jurisdiction(15 P)
no subcategories
NGO(58 P)
no subcategories
Private(20 P)
no subcategories
State(61 P, 7 F)
no subcategories
Tribal(16 P, 1 F)
no subcategories