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To make the wiki more visually functional and interesting you can use a variety of icons. They can be inserted into text as images, or by using templates, that define both the image and how it is formatted. The following icongraphic system have been used before on the wiki, and all have templates. You can use one of these, or develop your own. You can open the edit window to see the templates for these icon systems.

Page Type Icons

Group Status

Group status icons are used for Coordinated Investment Workgroup pages to describe how the group has developed. The template:groupwidth defines the width of the icons, which appear inline with text:

  • a workgroup has not been formed - the group is unformed
  • a coordinator has been identified - a lead has been identified to coordinate
  • membership is established - a membership has been assembled
  • information has been collected - the group has gathered and synthesized information associated with its purpose
  • the mission is defined - the group as a clear shared mission
  • a workgroup has a shared workplan - the group is working from a shared workplan

Task Status

Task status icons are used as bullets for lists of tasks associated with an Effort. The template:taskwidth defines the width of the icon, which appears inline with text:

  • the task is not scoped - the task has been identified
  • the task has been scoped - the task has been scoped
  • the task is complete - the task has been completed

Barrier Flags

These icons are used to indicate factors that are preventing a project from moving forward and need attention

  • Delayed by lack of capacity - lacks staff capacity to do the work
  • delayed due to political conflict - delayed by social or political conflict
  • delayed by lack of funding - short of funding
  • delayed by lack of knowledge - needs new knowledge to understand outcomes
  • waiting on government permits - waiting for government permits
  • project lacks land access - needs access to land